Bragging Rights By James Atkins
A Continuous Shape By Tommaso Di Paola, Jack Webber
Furk By Devin Muckley
Flying By Jacob Hood
Grimm Street By Siri Rodnes
The Painting By Boldizsar Cr
Rhapsody In Red By Thomas Gunnari Røtting
Back And Forward Inc. By Martin (Martn) Demmer
The Impasse By Mayuri Walke
The Shortest Are Always The Best ! By Daniel Jenny
Cry Of The City By Boldizsar Cr
No Pain By Mürfila
Lilly’S Big Day By The Bum Family
Cucumber Sandwiches By Brian H. Reynolds
End Unsung By Rolf Lindblom
Homefront The Revolution By Hugo Guerra, Will O’Connor
Oaks & Willows By Tatjana Green, Nazar Melconian
Saving Green By Natasha Redmond
Lilith The Vampire By Jose Padilha, Yoya Wursch
Haus Pandora By Steve Vasiliou
Surprise Divorce By William Ebert
The Venus Syndrome By Lynn Vincentnathan
A Short Drop And A Sudden Stop By Margaret Dane
Terrordise By V N Alexander
Crazy For The Blonde By Tom Bragg