Walter’s Days by Nathan Ludwig, Charles Devin Hill // United States
The Mortality Game by Ed Vela // United States
Fadeaway by Ron Leach // Canada
See Something Scream Something by Justin Michael Terry // United States
Death at the Festival by JuanMa Calderon, Andrea Ortiz de Zevallos // Guatemala
The Prologue by Andy Kastelic // United States
Maasai 10th Lost Tribe of Israel by Dante Tanikie-Montagnani // United Kingdom
Rednu by David Murad // Brazil
Signature Work by Dejan Vlaisavljevic Nikt // United States
Sarah by Elias Djemil // Canada
Bitch, Popcorn & Blood by Fabio Soares // France
Dark Circus by Julia Ostertag // Germany
Barker by Lauren Carr // United States
Croissant by Marius Conrotto Diaz
body without organs by Mark Franz // United States
BAGGAGE MAN by Matthias Gerding, Dennis Colquhoun // Germany
#WhoWeKill by Pavel Ivanov // Russian Federation
Orpheize by Pedro Jaen R. // Spain
Money Time by Ludovic Houplain
Beatin by Quentin Perez // France
Life’s a Drag… by Robin Royce Queree // Australia
The Devil’s Command by Roger Arley Smith // United Kingdom
Beyond by Simon Holland // Australia
No Guarantee by Stuart Black, Nick Mather // United Kingdom
Her by Toby Elwes // United Kingdom
A Lone Wolf by Zach Kaplan // United States